Josh Landis


My name is Josh Landis, and I’m an expert on human movement, training, rehabilitation, pain, and healing. I’ve dedicated my life to helping other people get out of pain, restore the connection between their mind and body, and to become more conscious in their lives. I understand what it is like dealing with the frustration of my body not cooperating with me, continually navigating pain and injuries, and ultimately feeling disengaged from life due to a lack of trust in my body and my ability to move with autonomy and strength.

Strength training has played a large role in my ability to reconnect with my body, build the strength and resilience to live the active lifestyle I want to live, and ultimately has allowed me to connect to my greater purpose in life.

I have a strong passion for helping people discover their full potential to live healthier and happier lives, and I believe that movement plays a very vital role in that endeavor. I believe that disciplined practice and exploration of movement not only aides in physical transformation, but more importantly, it can be a powerful tool in the process of self-discovery and personal growth. It can help us to be honest with ourselves and realize what really matters to us in life. It can push us to our physical and mental limits and give us the opportunity to face our fears and improve upon our weaknesses. It allows us to build resiliency and strength to go out into the world and enjoy it to the fullest extent.

The way I work with clients is a reflection of my own personal healing journey. As an integrated bodyworker, pain and rehabilitation expert, and personal trainer, it is my mission to help you during your journey to understand your pain, optimize your athletic performance, and support your physical and emotional health through the integrated use of advanced neurological therapies, targeted tissue work, movement, and coaching support, all through a trauma-informed approach.


Integrated Strength is about optimizing your health through the integration and strengthening of body, mind, and spirit. The body, mind, and spirit are all connected. If we are lacking in awareness, connection, or integration of any one of these, the others will be affected. If we neglect to take care of our bodies, our mental health and emotional well-being will be affected.

Our movement paints a picture of who we are. How we express ourselves through movement is a culmination of our past experiences, traumas, fears, and beliefs. If you hold shame or fear anywhere in your body, it will affect how you move. If you lack confidence about a certain area of your body, you will begin to disassociate from it. It can very often manifest as muscle tightness, joint immobility, inflammation, pain, and/or weakness. It can be hard to break the cycle.

Sometimes, a guided movement practice can be the interface that finally allows us to break the cycle of self-limiting beliefs and fears we hold in our bodies. Knowing that the body and psyche are inseparable, we can start to heal and address pain and performance at every level through an ongoing exploration of movement.

You can find me at the following address:

6143 South Willow Drive, Suite #400 Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Josh Landis sport performance specialist at Denver Pain and Performance Solutions


—B.S. Kinesiology and Rehabilitation – University of Hawaii at Manoa
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist