Jamie (Francis) Drucker


With over 22 years of experience in the realm of physical therapy, I am deeply committed to guiding individuals of all ages towards holistic healing and profound well-being, in body, mind, and soul. My journey as a physical therapist has been a dynamic exploration of diverse modalities, a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and a heart-driven mission to support others through transformative change. I began my career in Boston, Massachusetts in 2001 working with veterans, transitioned into pediatrics at Shriners Hospital for Children from 2002-2015, and continued my personal mission to bring holistic and patient-centered care into DPPS starting in 2015. 

My private practice within DPPS has embraced a beautifully mixed population. I specialize in pediatrics, women’s health, injury resolution, neurodivergent and other sensitive neurological conditions like concussions and migraines, and tackling chronic or unexplained pain. My approach is centered on understanding the unique needs of each individual, and I enjoy helping people explore the intricate connection between emotions and their bodies.  I have found it especially useful to help people release stuck emotions and resolve difficult experiences they have endured using a mix of traditional physical therapy methods and innovative and intuitive modalities such as craniosacral and hypnosis.

I am most helpful to my patients when collaborating with those who are open and committed to holistic healing, and those who are seeking growth across various dimensions of their lives. If you’ve found traditional healthcare avenues to be frustrating or ineffective, I warmly welcome you to explore new horizons of healing with an open heart and mind. My approach merges the wisdom of my years of experience as a PT with innovative modalities and fresh perspectives.

At the heart of my practice is genuine care for your whole self. I am not merely a physical therapist; I am a compassionate partner on your healing journey. My aim is to create a safe and welcoming space where you can be authentically you, sharing your challenges and aspirations. Together, we’ll chart a path towards renewed vitality, resilience, and holistic growth.

Your journey to optimal health and well-being begins here. Let’s embark on this transformative voyage together!

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B.S. Health Sciences – Boston University
M.S. Physical Therapy – Boston University