Healing Without Limits

Eliminate pain, maximize emotional well-being, and optimize performance with our specialized team of therapists and coaches.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You’re living with chronic pain and want to resolve it and get your life back on track
  • A recent or previous injury is making it hard for you to enjoy your sport or activity
  • You want to take your sport performance to the next level
  • Your sleep, digestion, or libido is suffering and you’d like to heal it
  • Your emotional or mental health has started to affect your physical health
  • You want to feel more connected emotionally and spiritually and need some guidance
  • You have trauma or limiting beliefs that affect you and traditional therapy hasn’t helped

Who We Are

The Denver Pain and Performance Solutions Difference

Our mission is to eliminate pain, optimize performance, and support the physical and emotional wellness of clients through the integrated use of advanced neurological therapies, precise soft tissue work, movement re-education, emotional and spiritual healing modalities, and coaching support.

How We Help

Our Team of Experts are Here for You

We assist clients in four main ways: pain & injury resolution, emotional healing, sport performance enhancement, and spiritual growth. Whatever type of discomfort or blockages you are experiencing, our team of experts is here for you.

Pain and Injury Resolution

We treat a multitude of general conditions with advanced techniques that will help eliminate your pain.

Emotional Healing

Our experienced therapists use powerful techniques to help clients clear emotional traumas and improve physical health.

Sport Performance Enhancement

We help you get out of pain and back to peak physical health for ultimate sport performance.

Spiritual Growth

We regularly assist others in their exploration of spiritual matters and the connection between physical or emotional healing and spiritual evolution.


Words From Our Clients

Noah is a Blessing
"The work I am doing with Noah is an in-depth on-going healing process physically, mentally, and spiritually. His expertise in the modalities he uses are a blessing and the reduction of pain is noticeable and lasting after every visit. I look forward to every meeting and would recommend him to anyone who is seriously desiring help in their healing journey on all levels.”

—Linda Lyford

A Great Team
I was emphatically referred to Jamie by a trusted body worker and she did not disappoint. The way Jamie works is very different than a physical therapist. She looks at your body holistically and tracks down issues to their root cause. Although my appointment was with Jamie, when she thought her business partner, Noah, would be able to assist he didn’t hesitate to help as well.

—Gabriel Pressman

Highly Recommend!
Dr Victoria has been such a great resource for me in my healing/wellness journey. I was referred by a friend and I’m so happy I found her. She is intuitive, inquisitive, and interested. She’s like a super voodoo ninja healer. I appreciate her knowledge and calming energy. I love that I can schedule online as im always traveling and that is so convenient for me. Highly recommend this practice.

–Lulu List

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Resources and Articles

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The Power of Direct Muscle Testing for Treatment and Diagnosis

In the realm of healthcare, accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment. One intriguing diagnostic tool that is often used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other skilled practitioners is direct muscle testing. This approach, often associated with modalities like Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex®, has proven to be a valuable asset for us at DPPS. There are many reasons that direct muscle testing (versus indicator muscle testing) is useful, and here are several:

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Why learn about archetypes?

Archetypes can be recognized in archetypal images or symbols such as the mother, father, hero, and shadow. They are common to human experience and can be found in myths, fairy tales, religions, and dreams throughout history and across cultures. Archetypes are activated (or “constellated”) in individuals’ lives through personal experiences, dreams, and psychological processes. When an archetype is activated, it exerts a powerful influence on an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This activation often occurs during times of crisis, personal growth, or when facing significant life challenges.

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