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It is important to reinforce corrections to your body after an Integrated Therapy session. RockTape™ is a part of that goal at Denver Pain and Performance Solutions (DPPS). Sometimes there is a chance that you may need to tape yourself between visits. You’ll receive instructions on the procedure so the support is constant. Here’s how RockTape™ works.

Pain blends with the action instead of shouting over the treatment.

Let’s put it another way. The tape counteracts with and reduces the pain you’ve been feeling. You know the tingling pain when you hit your crazy bone? Just rubbing the area makes it feel better in quick style. RockTape™ masks the painful signals sent to the brain from the injured area. Various receptors and nerve endings in the skin send an accurate message. The tape alters the message so the sensation of pain is reduced or eliminated.

Rehabilitation is simpler with a style of kinesio taping that supports and stabilizes joints and muscles. The tape does not interfere with range of motion. It does promote the benefits of manual therapy. It is such an amazing relief that our clients think the injury is repaired immediately. They talk about the power of kinesiology tape. In reality, properly applied tape changes the way pain is interpreted and lets the body do more without undue suffering.

Physical stress is shared throughout the body.

Typical taping is designed to prevent movement. Injuries treated with RockTape™ have complete movement. The quick recoil and elastic properties of the tape let the forces apply through nearby areas. Bones, ligaments, and fascia help absorb the stress and reduce pain and discomfort.

Areas of inflammation and swelling are decompressed.

The application of sports taping to the skin causes a slight lifting of skin and fascia. A primary advantage is the increased blood flow from and to the area. By-products caused by inflammation are removed faster as compressed or congested blood vessels resume the ability to flow more freely. More room between the layers within the body, including muscle, fat, fascia, and skin enhances the activity of lymph vessels, arteries, capillaries, and veins.

Proper application of athletic tape delays muscle fatigue.

Research shows that proper application of RockTape™ to skin reduces the force of muscle fatigue. This is a critical part of rehabilitation because it lowers the stress level on the areas of your body that presently are painful or uncomfortable to move. Athletic tape also works to provide relief for surrounding areas, which compensate for muscles that are not carrying their fair share of the physical activity load. RockTape™ is recognized for its ability to help sustain the advantages of physical therapy by reducing fatigue. It is meant, however, to be a temporary rather than lengthy answer to treatment.

It returns muscle tone back to its original form.

Inflammation, fatigue, injury, and sickness interfere with normal muscle coordination. That reduces or eliminates the finely tuned process of motion and muscles in any part of the body. A problem in one area can directly impact the performance of another. This type of situation is confirmed by research, where hip muscle activity was altered due to a sprained ankle. RockTape™ relieves stress on overactive muscles by providing support to inactive muscles and coaxing them to function properly. Coordinated motion is restored because of the reduced or masked feeling of pain, resulting in proper healing.