Sport Performance Enhancement

The single most significant detriment to sport performance is pain. If pain is present, performance is compromised without exception. Thus, when working with recreational, competitive, and professional athletes, our first course of action is always to eliminate pain.

However, even pain-free athletes inevitably have neuromuscular dysfunction that is actively compromising their ability to perform, whether they realize it or not. We demonstrate this quite readily using basic muscle testing to determine an athlete’s ability to fire certain muscles and perform specific functions. Most athletes express surprise when they feel how easily they can resist forces using certain muscles, while other muscles will seem almost impossible to “find.”

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Why can an athlete fail a basic muscle test, and yet still perform at a high level? Simply put, the better the athlete, the better they are at compensating. That is, athlete’s brains are exceptional at recognizing a loss of power to certain muscles and functions and then rerouting power to other areas instead. This can be an advantage during performance, but if left unresolved will ultimately lead to pain and an overall loss of power output.

Utilizing our advanced therapeutic techniques, we are able to identify these power leaks, determine their origins, and correct them quickly and painlessly. The results are immediate; the athlete will instantly be able to “find” the muscles they couldn’t earlier, express power in movements where they previously felt weak, notice increased ranges of motion, and more.

As a side benefit, athletes can rest more comfortably knowing that the identification and correction of existing dysfunctions means they are less susceptible to injury.

How we do it:

Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex®

P-DTR® is an advanced system of neural challenges designed to identify and eliminate dysfunctions in the nervous system.

Active Release Techniques®

ART® is considered the “gold standard” in soft tissue treatment; it is used to eliminate scar tissue and adhesions and restore normal movement of tissues.

Anatomy in Motion™

AiM™ is a movement-based system that identifies and corrects irregularities in the gait cycle that are causing pain and decreased performance.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment®

The SFMA® is a series of 7 full-body movement tests designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement and guide treatment.


Kinesiology taping is used to reduce pain and swelling, improve performance, and help maintain motor control corrections.

Corrective Breathing

Training in proper breathing posture and mechanics is used to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and improve performance.

Medical Massage Therapy

Deep-tissue massage therapy is well known for its ability to improve tissue health while reducing pain and stress.