Spiritual Counseling

Many clients come to us understanding that their sense of emotional and physical wellness goes hand-in-hand with their spiritual development. For those who perceive their life experience as a soul journey, healing work naturally includes the larger spiritual context. As an ordained gnostic priest, I am always happy to assist others in their exploration of spiritual matters and the connection between physical or emotional healing and spiritual evolution.

A gnostic approach to spirituality is characterized by a few key points:

  • The esoteric, mystical teachings of the major religions all point to the same fundamental truths about God, Creation, and Self. There is only One Truth, but many different traditions and approaches to knowing it.
  • Truth is only known when it is experienced directly. This is called “gnosis.” A true gnostic will only ever teach that which is personally known through such direct experience, and he/she will never teach doctrine or dogma.
  • The path of spiritual evolution is one of Self-discovery. It is an inner (mystical) process.
  • If something is true, it can be experienced for one’s self.
  • There is no authority above that of the Self. Teachers merely point the way to the Truth, guiding the individual to discover it within.
  • Scientific truth and spiritual truth are never at odds with one another. If something is true spiritually (“as above”), it is also true scientifically (“so below”).

I do not offer dedicated spiritual counseling sessions for a fee. Rather, for those who appreciate that illness and dis-ease are the soul’s call to healing, spiritual counseling can simply become a natural part of the discourse during any healing session, whether physical or emotional in nature. In particular, though, our emotional clearing work (Cellular Release Therapy) naturally lends itself quite well to a more transpersonal approach.

No client is required to share similar thoughts or even have an interest in spirituality in order to receive (and benefit from) physical or emotional therapy in our clinic. The specific techniques I use to assist clients in their healing are inherently secular in nature, and I will never engage clients at a level with which they are not comfortable. However, for those who resonate with the above, please know that you are welcome to discuss it with me at any time during our treatment.

-Noah Drucker

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