Energy Work

Gentle and transformative, these sessions are a powerful way for you to receive loving and compassionate touch. The touch will help connect you to the loving energy that surrounds us, and which will support your body’s ability to release and heal from trauma and illness. These sessions are deeply relaxing and help open the heart and mind to even more love.

Energy work can also be provided at a distance, and is just as powerful when done remotely. Some of the most powerful transformations we have seen have come through distance healing,

Energy work is often incorporated into our Integrated Therapy sessions, but can also be offered as a stand-alone service. Speak to your practitioner to learn more.

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Our mission is to eliminate pain, optimize performance, and support the physical and emotional wellness of clients through the integrated use of advanced neurological therapies, precise soft tissue work, movement re-education, emotional and spiritual healing modalities, and coaching support.

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