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Channeled Healing Sessions

This kind of session is a blend of various kinds of energy work, channeling, tarot and oracle cards, and intuitive suggestions for continued support and healing. Because Jamie gets the clearest information when she is alone, she does these sessions entirely remotely. This means that she records the session and will send it out to the client once it’s completed, which differs from most intuitive or psychic readings done live. One of the benefits to the client is that there is the opportunity to listen to the session repeatedly for insight or to receive benefit from the energy work embedded in the session. Also, there is no need to interrupt your regular schedule to have a session like this, which can make it especially helpful during times of stress or distress.

A typical session will go like this:

  1. Jamie reaches out energetically to make a heart connection with your Higher Self, which is the aspect of you that is eternal and holds all the soul-level information that is needed for the session.  
  2. She will then ask for any energies that are not part of your personal energy field to be cleared, using a variety of resources.  Resources vary depending on the person seeking help, but commonly she will connect to and ask for healing from Angels, Ascended Masters, archetypal goddess energies, nature energies, the person’s guides, and healing team, as well as use crystals and distance Reiki to help heal whatever is showing up to be healed. 
  3. She will listen for and relay any limiting beliefs that need to be resolved, which will then be resolved with the above resources, and also address 1-2 issues you would like to have a resolution around depending on the client’s priorities. She is also happy to do blind readings.  These are very enjoyable for her and often provide surprising feedback and understanding for the recipient.

Clients can receive as many of these sessions as they are called to receive, and oftentimes, having more than one session will build upon and extend the healing from other sessions. Clients may want to allow themselves some quiet time while the session is taking place if they are very sensitive, as it can make very sensitive folks tired. These sessions run 45-50 min in length on average, depending on the amount of healing that is being done.

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What People Are Saying

“Receiving this kind attention from Jamie was a quietly restorative experience. It felt like a gift given by a good friend, who sees you through clear eyes and knows just the right present for you. I’m grateful for the compassion that Jamie showed, and the time that she devoted to helping me.”

“I’ve known Jamie for 6 years, our paths crossing at different workshops and studying similar modalities. My experience in her presence has always had a comforting and transparent feel with no judgment. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work remotely with Jamie on a new kind of healing she is doing. I presented Jamie with a couple of issues I was thinking through and dealing with one physical and one more emotional. Jamie then advised me of her start time and a little while later she sent me a YouTube video of the information. One of my issues was pain in my left shoulder. This was 3 days ago and my shoulder feels 95% better and I have continued to live my life working out, riding my horse all things that put stress on my shoulder, and no pain. As well, I have felt lighter and more focused. I totally recommend an experience with Jamie at whatever level you wish to invest. I am very happy that she’s in my life.”

“This experience was FANTASTIC. I LOVED being able to receive Jamie’s support and healing without having to work around schedules. Also, since I’m under the weather, it was wonderful to receive healing without having to expose her or anyone else to my cooties. I enjoyed listening to her recording in the comfort of my own home – a bath, even! – and to relax into a meditative space that could last a long as I needed it to. Thank you, Jamie!”

“I met Jamie online through a mutual friend. She’d shared something that Jamie had posted and it resonated with me. After taking a closer look at Jamie’s page I knew I needed to connect with her directly and we did just that. She recently gave me one of the most positive readings and energy work that I’ve ever had. No drama. No “he’s terrible for you-get him out of your life!”. Just Love, Love and more Love. She shared a lot of insight into me, my past, my present, my Ancestral Guides and other helpers and did some remote healing all the while. The aftermath has been profound. I found that some of my physical issues have ceased to bother me and I have an internal sense of Peace and Well Being that includes being reconnected to Spirit. She’s a joy to listen to both by video and by phone. I hope that you allow yourself the opportunity to spend some Love Yourself Time with Jamie.”

“What an amazing gift. Jamie took a few of my concerns and she spent a half hour contemplating/speaking to my higher self, recorded this and then sent it to me. Receiving it felt like a big, reassuring hug, an exploration and excavation of limiting beliefs and a dissolving of these to make way for all the light and love within me. God’s love transcends time and this is an example of that. Jamie’s uniquely attuned presence, heart and capacity to hold space shine through this recorded offering. Super grateful for this gift and you, Jamie. ”“I can’t thank you enough for my healing. Every morning I sit down to meditate and set my energy for the day and turn on the video. Even yesterday I was still hearing stuff I couldn’t or didn’t hear the first 2-3 times. You got right to the root of the issues, the entire healing resonated, healed, comforted and helped me integrate this shift. …apparently I’m think about what I want to say without writing a book ”

“I have had many readings over the years and receive guidance pretty easily myself. Never, Never have I ever had such a profound, deeply moving experience as this one with Jamie. She opened my soul and resurrected my spirit. Energetically, not literally, she sang the song of remembrance in every octave of love. Words cannot touch the purity and sweetness of this experience. Namaste, Jamie.”

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