What is auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is the treatment of the brain and body via the ear in order to bring the body back into homeostasis. Its goal is to help the body and mind regain resiliency in the face of changes in the internal and external environment. Auriculotherapy uses a device called the PointoSelect to treat active points on the ear that correspond with various parts of the body and brain. The device sends a painless electrical stimulus via the ear to the brain and its pathways of communication to the rest of the body, either to tonify (increase the energy) or sedate (calm down or decrease the energy). In doing so, the body becomes more balanced and symptoms reside.

How can auriculotherapy help you?

The range of conditions that can be effectively treated by auriculotherapy is wide. The research done so far shows great efficacy for many types of acute and chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, sleep issues, and weight conditions. Auriculotherapy can also successfully treat migraines, allergies, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders, grief and other emotional conditions, stress, shock, bed wetting, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, tinnitus and hearing loss, dysautonomia, and many other conditions and symptoms.

How long is a session and how many do you need?

Sessions run 50 minutes long, with some intake questions. I can easily spend 30 minutes treating one ear alone because there are so many points that can be active and need balancing. However, each session will be tailored to each person’s main complaints, and as those main symptoms subside, other areas of treatment can be added to the care plan.

Most people see results within 1-3 sessions, and for long-standing conditions, such as autoimmune diseases or arthritis, 6-10 sessions will bring moderate to complete relief of the symptoms. For typical complaints of pain after injury, it is common to have relief of pain within a much shorter period of time.

Why should you try auriculotherapy vs. our other forms of bodywork or hypnotherapy?

Auriculotherapy has unique ways of helping the body come back into homeostasis that is not accessible via the other forms of bodywork that we do at DPPS. The PointoSelect device can measure the hyper- or hypoactivity of points and the changes in the activity of the points can be tracked over time to measure improvements in health. The treatment requires very little participation by the client, so it is deeply relaxing and can also be successfully used with younger children who may or may not be able to cooperate with muscle testing or directions to relax for hypnotherapy.

What should you expect after a session?

Most people experience a sense of deep physical and mental relaxation that lasts several hours to days, depending on lifestyle and stressors. Even if stress is felt immediately after, the body is using its new inputs to modulate reactions and remain in balance. You may find that what would really throw you off prior to treatment has much less effect on you afterward. Some people become dizzy after a session due to shifts in blood sugar as the body relaxes deeply, and they find a snack after the session can be helpful. Many people notice they fall asleep and stay asleep more easily after having a session.

How can you sign up?

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A brief introduction on auriculotherapy and the PointoSelect Device

Auriculomedicine is an increasingly popular form of natural medicine that uses microcurrent technology to help a patient’s body and mind return to homeostasis.  Homeostasis is akin to resiliency; it means that the body has the ability to manage inner and outer stressors well. The body achieves this via many regulatory systems, including the nervous system and endocrine system.  If a person is in homeostasis, they do not become ill!

There are many ways to help a person return to homeostasis, and one very powerful and unique way to do so is to treat the body with auriculotherapy.  Auricle is a word that means ear, and so auriculotherapy means therapy applied via the ear.  Microsystem theory states that there are different smaller parts of the body that contain maps for the treatment of the whole body.  The ear is one microsystem, and the feet and hands are others. 

Auriculomedicine uses the combination of micro-current technology, filters, V.A.S. testing, and the black and white hammer to find and treat blockages of energy, and places in the body where the electrical energy is either insufficient or in excess. Insufficient or excess energy will show up on the skin of the ear as an area of decreased electrical skin resistance, which is picked up by the Pointoselect device in the image above. Once a point has been identified, the practitioner will treat the point with a small burst of electricity.  The electrical current is delivered via the skin reflex to the brain, and the brain then sends information to the corresponding part of the body where the imbalance is occurring.  Once an auriculotherapy point has been treated thoroughly (in 1 or more sessions), it will no longer show up on the ear, which is one excellent way to measure how the treatment is progressing.

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, you can also hone your treatment by applying a filter to the patient’s skin, which will energetically turn all active points on the ear into a point related to said filter.  For example, if a patient comes in with a certain organ that is impacted, one can take a filter of said organ, and place it upon the body so that every point in the ear that is an active point is related to that organ or gland.  As you can see in the image above, there are many possibilities of focus with this approach!

V.A.S. testing is a process by which a practitioner can test the radial pulse and measure how different filters impact a person’s electromagnetic field.  With this technique, a patient’s EMF is measured in distance away from the physical body, then a filter is introduced by placing it upon the person’s skin, and the EMF is retested to see if it has drawn closer or farther away from the person’s body.  If it brings the field closer to normal, it indicates that this organ or gland needs care.  Additionally, the EMF can be tested with filters and the black and white hammer (seen resting just above the filters in the above image) to discover if there are any blockages to healing, such as allergies, problematic scars, or problematic organs.  The black end of the hammer will locate a blockage and the white end of the hammer can be used to treat it, as well as the PointoSelect device. 

Auriculomedicine is a fascinating field of natural medicine, which is far more popular in Europe than it is in the US.  There are over 25,000 auriculomedicine practitioners who use primarily auriculotherapy as their intervention of choice.  If you’d like to experience this modality and explore how it may help your body heal, please reach out to Jamie Francis at or book with her HERE

If you’d like to see Jamie explain this a bit further, check her out here: 

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