Noah Drucker of Denver Pain and Performance Solutions, pain manangement clinic in Denver, CO

Noah Drucker

My greatest passions in life are engaging in the human healing journey and being of service to others on their own path to healing. Like most people, I spent much of my life compartmentalizing that journey: when I felt physical suffering, I looked at my physical body as the cause, and I sought body-oriented treatments. When I felt emotional suffering . . . well, I usually just continued to suffer until the feeling passed, because, like most humans, I lacked both an adequate understanding of the nature of emotions and the tools to do something about it. When I felt spiritual suffering, I prayed and sought the guidance of spiritual teachers, both in person and in books. Essentially, I acted as if I were made up of different “parts” that functioned independently of one another. (Spoiler: That’s not how it works!)