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Jamie (Francis) Drucker

My passion in life is to help people feel empowered in their healing journey and also help them to know that anything that is bothering them can be successfully changed with love, courage, and the right support. My own healing process has proven this over and over, and I am confident that with compassionate guidance and some patience, incredible shifts can occur. I have worked in many different environments throughout my career, including the Boston area VA hospitals, Shriners Hospital for Children in Western MA, outpatient settings, acute care settings, and I have owned my own private practice since 2014.

Josh Landis sport performance specialist at Denver Pain and Performance Solutions

Josh Landis

My name is Josh Landis, and I’m an expert on human movement, training, rehabilitation, pain, and healing. I’ve dedicated my life to helping other people get out of pain, restore the connection between their mind and body, and to become more conscious in their lives. I understand what it is like dealing with the frustration of my body not cooperating with me, continually navigating pain and injuries, and ultimately feeling disengaged from life due to a lack of trust in my body and my ability to move with autonomy and strength.