Unspoken Words

The unspoken words in our hearts need to come out.

“I love you.”

“I miss you.”

“I forgive you. Please forgive me, too.”

“I need you to know ____.”

Inner dialogue is a hypnotherapy tool that can be used to speak those words to people who have passed away or to someone in our life that we feel too afraid, angry, ashamed, or sad to speak to. This can be some of the most transformative work one can do.

Miraculous things happen during these sessions and in the aftermath. There is such a sense of peace that comes from opening up your heart and speaking your truth without fear of being hurt in some way. Many people who do these sessions experience very healing “real life” conversations with the person that they had the inner dialogue with. If the person they talked to has passed on, the session brings them a lot of closure and people often say that they can finally let go of their loved one.

This is some of my favorite work to do with clients, as it always has surprising and profound results. If you are interested in trying this kind of session, or know someone who would benefit, you can reach out via our website at www.denverpainandperformance.com and book online here:



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