I was in a mentoring class last night, and one of my fellow therapists brought up an amazing question.

“Are there things you have done in your life that are unforgivable?”

Everything someone could and would put on such a list is a trauma, and can be cleared of its charge. Imagine if you could be free of all shame, judgement, and blame of yourself for past “sins” or mistakes, and could move forward in life, radiating love for yourself and others?

We are taught from a very young age by being shamed. We learn to shame ourselves and others in order to control ourselves, our family, and our environment. Society shames us constantly with marketing.

As adults, we manage shame by either blaming ourselves, being guilt ridden, or full of self hatred… or, we project blamelessness, purity, and perfection. We vacillate constantly between these two poles, all in an attempt to avoid feeling the shame. It’s much easier to just heal all the shame, and all experiences that have in some way caused us to feel this way.

Shame is a feeling that can be healed with several techniques used at DPPS including Cellular Release Therapy® and Heart of Elijah Therapy®.  These modalities can be used in person or via teleconferencing, so healing can happen whether or not you live in Denver or abroad. The freedom in one’s heart and soul after clearing shame is truly remarkable. 

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