Rules of Engagement at DPPS

There are rules that we follow within our healing practice at Denver Pain and Performance Solutions.  Not only are we using these guidelines with our clients, but also with each other and within our personal relationships outside of work.  We believe these rules are essential for every healthy relationship we have.

1. Always affirm the validity of one another’s experience
2. Always come from a place of our own experience
3. Always respect the feelings of others
4. Always offer to move the topic forward
5. Always make positive statements of belief or experience
6. Always be welcoming of other’s insights and experiences
7. Always look for what is right in each other’s comments
8. Never be self-promoting
9. Never be challenging
10. Never diminish the contribution of another
11. Never be demeaning
12. Never make another feel unsafe to participate
13. Never contribute in the spirit of debate (arguing to argue)
14. Never comment based on the idea that ‘you are wrong’


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