P-DTR® vs. CRT®- how do we choose what to use?

At DPPS, our therapists have training in many modalities, and we like to use all of our tools with every client, as appropriate. Our bodywork techniques, which include P-DTR®, Integrated Cranials (a type of Craniosacral Therapy), and massage, all are capable of facilitating emotional releases of various depths. P-DTR® in particular is very good at honing in on certain traumatic memories or thoughts, and showing directly how these affect the physical body via muscle testing and the client’s report of an increase or decrease in symptoms.

Oftentimes a client comes in with a physical complaint, and through exploration and testing, we may land on some trauma that is still affecting the physical body. It can be an incredibly enlightening experience for the client to recognize the contributions of past wounds. After we discover this, together with the client, we can do treat it with P-DTR® and have exceptional changes in the physical body, and people often report feeling lighter, more energetic, and sleeping much better.

At times, there is more trauma than we could easily tackle with P-DTR®, and a better option for treating these patterns is to dive into the deeper emotional clearing work that we do called CRT®. Also, many of our clients come to us because they are on a path of deep healing and are more than happy to supplement their bodywork with emotional trauma clearing, even if the emotional corrections done in the bodywork seem to have sufficed for the time being.

No matter what we do with our clients, we are always meeting them wherever they are at on the day, with highest respect for their healing and soul journey.

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