“Forgiveness comes at the end of a process, not at the beginning. In order to forgive yourself or another person, three obstacles must be overcome. Let’s call them the three dragons of judgment, anger, and blame.”

Forgiveness comes when we abandon the blame of others and of ourselves for some event, interaction, experience. This process of forgiving sometimes takes years. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, and we carry this hurt throughout our lives, allowing the blame to be like a poison in our bodies, minds, hearts, and energy systems.

It would be really great if we could just “get over it” and be able to forgive, but unfortunately it’s not that easy, because forgiving is not a process that involves only the conscious mind. This is a process that also involves the subconscious mind, and the subconscious can be holding onto blame, judgement, and anger as a protection.

The way we move forward into forgiveness is by releasing the trauma. Clearing away whatever experiences we blame others or ourselves for, clearing away the blame, and the need to blame. By doing so, we free ourselves to look back on the events that had resulted in so much pain, and see them with new eyes, as just a part of our story.

This article I thought was really fantastic at describing the process of forgiveness. Cellular Release Therapy® is the tool I have used to help people release the trauma and blame so that forgiveness can be possible.

If you are interested in Cellular Release Therapy®, please reach out to us via email or call (617)233-5837.

All of us, I feel fairly certain, believe that forgiveness is a positive quality. But the fact that religion has been the traditional basis for findin…

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