There comes a time when we must choose between rage and bitterness and being wild again.

There comes a time for us to look at all of the little and big deaths we have experienced in our lives. Women have died a thousand deaths before they turn 20, and of course this is all a part of becoming awake and aware and growing up.

That time we lost our virginity and it felt empty.

The times we were beaten and bruised, just for speaking.

The time our coach told us we weren’t good enough.

The time we caught our husband cheating.

The babies we lost.

The babies we wanted and couldn’t have.

The loss of our mothers and sisters.

The sting of our first female betrayal.

All of the times we hurt our bodies with food and exercise and other substances.

We must allow ourselves to make descansos to all of these broken hearted moments, mourn them, and celebrate how they have forged our inner beauty and strength.

I have spent the last year and a half doing descansos, and I can tell you there is no more powerful and liberating thing we can do for ourselves.

(And each descanso can be healed many ways, but many of our clients choose Cellular Release Therapy®)

Shamanic Journey-Work. Intuitive Soul Readings. Psychic Mediumship and Counsel Online or in the Portland Maine Area.

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