EMF Over-Exposure



Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, are everywhere.  We spend most of our days exposed to EMF from the phones we are so attached to, the cars we drive, the appliances in our homes, the planes we travel in, and even the outlets in our walls. We find EMF to be a trigger for neurological dysfunction in our clients on a daily basis. Sometimes, people are very sensitive to EMF, and other times, just mildly sensitive. But we are all at risk of over-exposure just due to the sheer amount of technology that we come in contact with daily. Unfortunately, new technology trends such as iWatches and FitBits are some of the worst offenders, as these attach directly to the body and remain powered on at all times.

A recent client came to DPPS with symptoms of coldness and numbness in her legs, unexplained by neurologists or any other physician she had seen.  She also had pain in her legs and hips, as well as an unsteady gait.  After several sessions, we had resolved most of her symptoms by treating a variety of neurological dysfunctions, mainly in meridians, organs, and emotions.  After several weeks of relief, she started to experience the same symptoms all over again, but less severe.  We decided to have her consult with Dr. Jose Palomar, creator of Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex®. After hearing her symptoms, he had her simply touch different electrical devices in the room, including a computer, a remote, and a projector, all of which made her globally weak. (She was unable to produce even moderate force with any of her muscles.)  Her high degree of sensitivity to EMF means that she will need to decrease her exposure before she will get permanent resolution of her symptoms. 

Another client who suffered from back and shoulder pain also tested weak by just touching various electrical devices in our office. However, in her case, an unresolved trauma from falling into an electrical fence was the cause of the EMF sensitivity, and once the emotional trauma was treated with P-DTR®, her weakness was completely resolved.

Most of us would benefit from reducing exposure to EMF. A simple way to determine if there are areas of excessive EMF in your living space is to use a plumb line with a piece of copper at the end.  If you move around your home or office, areas with increased EMF will cause a lot of movement of the copper weight.  Moving your bed and desk away from these areas is a simple way to decrease your exposure.  You can also buy earthing sheets, grounding pads, bracelets and other tools from a reputable company such as earthing.com.  

Here is an article with some more background and suggestions:

If you have any concerns about your sensitivity to EMF, you can call and schedule an appointment with us to test if you may be experiencing symptoms related to EMF over-exposure.

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